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Carer Support

 Please note that from 1 August 2018, MIFQ merged with RFQ.

Please also see for information on services provided by the merged entity.

Carer Support

At MIFQ, we understand the complexities of the caring role and work alongside carers, families members and friends of people living with mental illness to provide a range of support services.

We provide information about mental illness and treatment options, connections to other services and supports in the community, and the opportunity to meet others who share an understanding of what you are going through.

We create a supportive environment where people in a caring role can share their hopes and concerns, access the resources they need to better care for themselves and their loved ones, and develop meaningful relationships and connections.

Our range of services available for carers includes:

MI Carer Connections      Gold Coast

MI Education                      Brisbane  |   Gold Coast   |  Sunshine Coast   |  Toowoomba

MI Regional Networks      Brisbane  |   Gold Coast   |  Sunshine Coast   |  Toowoomba